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What is Sakai?

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Sakai City is located in the south central part of Osaka Prefecture in the center of the Kinki Region. Sakai became the 15th ordinance-designated city in Japan and 4th in the Kinki Region in April 2006 and it is the second largest city in terms of population and area in Osaka Prefecture.
Sakai has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and chipped stone tools from approximately 10,000 years ago, earthenware/stone vessels from the Jomon Period and bronze bell-shaped vessels and earthenware vessels from the Yayoi Period were excavated from ruins within city limits. The Yamato Dynasty was established in the 4th to 5th centuries, during which time the Mozu Tumulus Cluster was built, consisting of more than one hundred ancient burial mounds, including the Nintoku-ryo Tumulus.
The name “Sakai” (meaning boundary in Japanese) originated from when it was located at the boundary of the three ancient countries of Settsu, Kawachi and Izumi during the Heian Period.
Sakai became a fishing port during the Kamakura Period and subsequently developed into a marine transportation hub for Western Japan. During the Sengoku Period, Sakai faces its golden age as a trading port.
Sakai developed as an exchange hub for foreign trade with the Ming Dynasty, Spain and Portugal. Sakai at the time, was surrounded by a moat, which was a rare incidence, even on a global scale, and it flourished as self-governed city.
After the Meiji Period, Sakai quickly modernized-modern industry developed, the population increased, the urban area expanded and transportation advanced.The city continues to grow robustly today as well.
The city is now attempting to have the Mozu Tumulus Cluster, including the Nintoku-ryo Tumulus, listed on the World Heritage registry. The city is blessed with many temples and shrines, old houses and building around Kita Hatago-cho, tea ceremony culture integrated by Sen-no-Rikyu, and traditional industries such as cutlery, incense and bicycle manufacturing.
Town where Nintoku-ryo Tumulus is, town where Sen-no-Rikyu was born
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