Mozu Tumuli Cluster

A tumuli cluster from the middle-ages that is representative of Japan, including multiple massive tumuli in excess of 250m. Among these are the Nintoku Tenno Ryo Tumulus, which is the largest tumulus in Japan, the Richu Tenno Ryo Tumulus, which is the third largest, and the Nisanzai Tumulus, which is the eighth largest. While 44 tumuli remain today, it is known that the cluster once comprised more than 100.

The Mozu Tumuli Cluster spreads across an area of approximately four kilometers to the east and west, and the same to the north and south, within Sakai City. During the Kofun period, more than 100 tumuli were created in this region. However, many were lost due to such factors as urbanization, with 44 now remaining, all built between the second half of the 4th century to the first half of the 6th. Among them are many massive keyhole-shaped tumuli, including the Nintoku-Tenno-Ryo Tumulus, the largest in Japan, making the cluster a vital piece of heritage that speaks to the history of tumuli culture in Japan.