Kansai Electric Power Sakai Port Power Station PR Hall El Cool Sakaikou

El Cool Sakaikou allows the undertakings of Kansai Electric Power in regard to
achieving a low carbon emission society to be learned about through exhibits
such as videos and games. You can also take a tour of a mega solar power
station and the latest combustion power plant.
*A reservation is required for the tour. Please make the reservation by telephone at least 3 weeks prior to your desired date.

El Cool Sakaikou
Kansai Electric Power’s undertakings in order to prevent global warming are “CO2
free,” involving producing no carbon dioxide from power generation, and “CO2 off,”
reducing the carbon dioxide from power generation. Through video and games,
you can have fun while learning about both approaches.

Sakai Solar Power Station
74,000 solar panels placed across an area five times the size of a baseball stadium.
This mega solar power station opened in September 2011, the first one operated
by a power company in Japan, and boasts 10,000 kilowatts of power generation.
The tour space at the side of the power station allows you to look out over the
solar panels. You can also view live footage and power generation information
from the mega solar power station on the internet.

Sakai Port Power Station
An extremely ecological combustion power station that uses highly efficient
power generation. It uses combined cycle power generation, bringing
together gas turbine and steam turbines. Turning the generators using two
types of energy allows for efficient power generation.

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1-2 Chikkoshinmachi, Nishi-ku, Sakai shi


・Walk for 25 minutes from "Ishizugawa Station" on the Nankai Main Line
・7 minutes from the Dejima Exit and 5 minutes from Ishizu Exit on the Route 4 Bayshore Line of the Hanshin Expressway


[Prior registration required] Please telephone at least 3 weeks before your desired date.



Working Hours

9:30 ~ 16:30

Regular holidays etc.

Sat, Sun, holidays, year end-new year period




・Group sizes: 10 - 80 people (please inquire for groups of 9 or smaller)
・Required time: 90 minutes ~ 150 minutes (depends on the tour taken)
・Transportation is required to move around during the tour, to be arranged by the customer.


Facility Name

Sakai Tourism Convention Association

Telephone Number