Hochigai Shrine

Due to once standing on the boundary of three political districts - Kawachi,
Izumi and Settsu - this shrine was considered a pure land without direction,
and has become known as a place of prayer relating to avoiding disasters
relating to movement. Praying here is said to help avoid disaster when taking
a long trip or when moving house, and so many people still visit from across
Japan for blessings when moving house or building a new home.

The purification sand and rice dumplings that prevent disasters relating to
movement are said to be quite potent,on May 31, the rice dumpling festival
is held, where dumplings wrapped in leaves of Manchurian wild plants are
offered to the gods according to an old custom. It is affectionately called
"Hochigai-san" by the locals.
Inside the old grounds there is also an evergreen kurogane holly tree, which often
grow in warm regions. This one boasts the largest diameter and trunk
circumference from among even the 40 or more other such trees found in the city,
and is an Osaka designated natural monument as a large tree of considerable age.
The shrine is also known for its futon daiko drum Fall Festival in the middle
of September.


2-2-1 Kita Mikunigaokacho, Sakai-ku, Sakai shi


Alight at "Sakaihigashi Station" on the Nankai Koya Line, "Sakaichi Station" on the JR Hanwa Line


Reservations Not Possible


Admission free

Working Hours

9:00 ~ 16:00

Regular holidays etc.

Prayer holidays: 9, 19 and 29 each month (unless these dates fall on a weekend, holiday, or Taian lucky day) *Taian lucky day: The most auspicious of the six cycling types of day.




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Hochigai Shrine

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