Sakai City Fisherman's Association Toretoreichi

Toretoreichi is a special market held only on Saturdays and Sundays each week at Dejima Fishing Port, where you can turn up empty handed and enjoy a seafood barbeque.

Every Saturday and Sunday at Dejima Fishing Port provides fun for all the family, with the sale and barbequing of a selection of fresh fish accompanied by stalls selling octopus rice, seafood tempura, whole grilled squid, salt-grilled sweetfish, octopus balls and oden.


24 Ohamanishimachi Sakai-ku, Sakai shi (inside Sakai Dejima Fishing Port)


Walk west for 10 minutes from "Minato Station" on the Nankai Main Line, 3 minutes from the Ohama Exit on the Route 4 Bayshore Line of the Hanshin Expressway

Working Hours

10:00 ~ 17:00 (Sat, Sun every week)

Regular holidays etc.

Mon ~ Fri


300 spaces


Telephone Number
FAX Number +81-72-221-7383

Local Map