Osaka Daiichi Koutsu Co., Ltd.

Sightseeing by taxi in Sakai? Leave it to us!

A taxi company providing taxi tours of a selection of Sakai sights.

Example routes:
3 hours
Nankai Sakaihigashi Station - Hanzei Tenno Ryo Tumulus prayer place - Nintoku-Tenno-Ryo Tumulus prayer place - Magodayuyama Tumulus - Tatsusayama Tumulus - Kitsuneyama Tumulus - Richu Ryo Beauty Spot - Richu-Tenno-Ryo Tumulus prayer place - Itasuke Tumulus - Gobyoyama Tumulus - Sakai City Museum

3 hours
Inside Sakai City - Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko - Site of Sen no Rikyu's House - long-standing Japanese confectioner - Nansuji Temple - Sakai Tea Room (Shinan) - Sakai City Museum - Inside Sakai City

2 hours
Inside Sakai City - Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko - Honganji Sakai Betusuin - Remains of Akiko Yosano's House - long-standing Japanese confectioner - Akiko Station (Sakai Station West Exit) - Inside Sakai City

*Please select your type of vehicle based on the number of passengers (jumbo taxi / sightseeing bus require reservations).
*The route can be changed as desired within the set time limit. Please inquire prior to setting out.
*Please inquire for charges. Does not include parking and admission charges at sites.
*Customers who make a reservation will receive a free gift.
*A sightseeing guide can accompany you at an additional charge.


1-45-1 Kannabecho, Sakai-ku, Sakai shi


Reservations Possible

Up until the day

Working Hours

Open 24 hours

Regular holidays etc.


Available Payment Options
Can Use Credit Card
(VISA/JCB/DC/ UC/ Aplus/ Aeon/ Rakuten/ MUFG)

Groups up to 27 people
Languages supported: English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German


Telephone Number
FAX Number Weekdays:+81-72-238-0957(9:00~17:00), Sat, Sun and Holidays:+81-72-232-6767