Umigokochi Sakai Eki-mae

Golden eel at Umigokochi.
The Tsushima west offing, Nagasaki Prefecture produced kogane anago ("golden
eel") is now a firmly established brand, used at high quality restaurants and in high
quality sushi.
When compared to normal eels, these beauties have longer bodies and just so
much more fat, having feasted on a diet of quality octopus, squid, shrimp, and
in particular deep sea sardines.
The takeout eel sushi features fluffy broiled eel that just melts in your mouth. Treat
yourself as you walk around!
During the daytime you can enjoy eel cuisine in a calm and relaxed atmosphere,
while at night things get a bit more glitzy. They also offer a full range of freshly
prepared tempura and dishes using seasonal vegetables and seasonal fish.


1-6-2 Sakaebashicho, Sakai-ku, Sakai shi


Walk for 5 minute from "Sakai Station" South Exit on the Nankai Line


Reservations Possible

Working Hours

11:30 ~ 14:00
17:00 ~ 24:00

Regular holidays etc.


Available Payment Options
Can Use Credit Card
(JCB/Diners/ DISCOVER/ American Express)
Languages supported
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean

Paid parking available nearby


As well as Umigokochi Sakai Station, there is also Umigokochi Fukui and Umigokochi Abiko.


Telephone Number
FAX Number +81-72-249-9585