Konpeitou Museum Sakai

Avoid crowed places (密mitsu) and pour honey (蜜mitsu) to make konpeito♡

Premium Konpeito Studio is open from September 2020, using a mini kettle of a
diameter of 30cm, specialized for one person or two people to cope with COVID-19
(if the children is under the age of elementary school is OK to join three people in
total including the child but only children alone is not allowed). You can choose
the size of konpeito and also you can choose from two colors and flavors.
The process will be adding the 2nd mixture that has a color and a flavor to the 1st
mixture of konpeito, so what kind of color and taste will it be??? It is like an
experiment, you can add more mixture or add an additional topping as gold leaf
(will be charge), and the feeling of customization and premium will increase,
and it is popular not only among children but also among adults and couples.
Maybe you can meet the official character of Konpeito museum, Sugarlove-chan♡

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/konpeitoukingdom


4-148-12 Minamijimacho, Sakai-ku, Sakai shi


【From the nearest station】
-Nankai Main Line "Shichido Station" to the west walk 10mins

【Acess by car】
-10mins from the "Suminoe Exit" on the Hanshin Expressway Sakai Route
-5mins from the "Teppo exit" on the Hanshin Expressway Wangan Route


Reservations Possible

Sat, Sun, holidays Advance reservations can be made


Premium Konpeito Studio 1 kettle ¥3,600 (2 adults can share 1 kettle, child can join in total to be three people but only children alone is not allowed)

Working Hours

9:00 ~ 17:00

Regular holidays etc.

Irregular holidays

Available Payment Options
Can Use Credit Card
(VISA/Master/JCB/American Express / Diners club / Disscover /UnionPay etc.)
Electronic money accepted
(kitaca / suica / pasumo / talca / manaca / icoca / sugoca / nimoca / はやかけん / apple pay / iD / Q⁺ / Air pay /applepay / Quickpay / LINEPAY / paypay / d払い/Alipay /Wechatpay/ UnionPay)
Offered Menus
  • Vegan Menu available
  • Halal Menu available
Languages supported
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean

Available, 2 spaces


For translation please let us know in advance.
There is a Konpeitou Museum offering factory tours. (Groups only)


Facility Name

Osaka Confetti Inc.

Telephone Number
FAX Number +81-72-282-2791


Local Map