Daisen Park Tourist Information Center

Here you can find Sakai sightseeing information, such as the Sakai Sightseeing Guidebook, as well as volunteer tourism guides who can provide advice on the best things to see. Located next to Daisen Park and with the Nintoku-Tenno-Ryo Tumulus nearby, you can also rent bicycles (regular bicycle: 300 yen, electric assist bicycle: 500 yen), and there are souvenirs on sale.

The Daisen Park Tourist Information Center offers a selection of information relating to sightseeing, including pamphlets such as a map of places to see, all intended to make sightseeing in the city more convenient and accessible. Volunteer tourism guides are also always on hand during opening hours (10:00 ~ 16:30, not including the end of year period), providing guidance about what to see in Sakai. You can also rent bicycles.
This information center is located close to the Nintoku-Tenno-Ryo Tumulus. It is also next to Daisen Park, a symbol of the city, making it the perfect environment for cycling through some verdant greenery. You can also find souvenirs on sale.

*A form of identification is required when renting bicycles, such as a driving license or health insurance.


2-160 Mozusekiuncho, Sakai-ku, Sakai shi


350m north-west from "Mozu Station" on the JR Hanwa Line

Working Hours

9:00 ~ 17:00

Regular holidays etc.

Year end-new year period


Daisen Park Parking Lot: 108 passenger cars (first 2 hours 200 yen, 100 yen per subsequent hour, 600 yen for 5 hours or more), 18 buses (1,000 yen per day)


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Daisen Park Tourist Information Center

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