Sakai Station Tourist Information Center

Here you can find Sakai sightseeing information, such as the Sakai Sightseeing Guidebook, as well as volunteer tourism guides who can provide advice on the best things to see. You can also rent bicycles (regular bicycle: 300 yen, electric assist bicycle: 500 yen), making this the perfect place from which to set out and explore the historical sights that remain around Sakai Station.

The Sakai Station Tourist Information Center offers a selection of information relating to sightseeing, including pamphlets such as a map of places to see, all intended to make sightseeing in the city more convenient and accessible.
Volunteer tourism guides are also always on hand during opening hours (10:00 ~ 16:30, not including the end of year period), providing guidance about what to see in Sakai. You can also rent bicycles.
There are two locations for the Sakai Station Tourist Information Center, 1F in the Nankai Sakai Station Building and next to the ticket gates at Sakai Station West Exit. Either one marks the perfect starting point to explore the vicinity of Sakai Station, which still retains many features from when Sakai flourished as a city of trade during the middle ages. There is also an exhibit of Sakai local industries next to the ticket gates at Sakai Station West Exit.

*A form of identification is required when renting bicycles, such as a driving license or health insurance.

 For more details about Sakai sightseeing rental bicycles, please click the URL below.

[Take a tour of engravings of Akiko Yosano’s works on a rental bicycle!]
There is also a panel located here that clearly explains the locations of the engravings around the city of works by Akiko Yosano, famous poet and feminist pride of Japan who was born in Sakai. Pick up a pamphlet to guide you on your way, take to your trusty (rented) steed, and set out to seek a slice of literary history.

[Commemorate your visit to Sakai with a photo against a background panel rich in the city’s history!]
From the middle-ages, Sakai was a city of trade, allowing for the exchange of a variety of cultures. This history is recorded in screen doors currently housed at the Sakai City Museum, and a panel recreating these screens can be used here as the backdrop for a commemorative photo of your visit to the city. You can freely take photos yourself using the panel, and those who wish to can even dress in period attire, (no charge for photographs or loan of clothing).


3-22-1 Ebisujimacho, Sakai-ku, Sakai shi


Immediately after alighting at "Sakai Station" on the Nankai Line

Working Hours

1F Nankai Sakai Station Building / 9:00 ~ 18:00 Next to ticket gates at Sakai Station West Exit / 10:00 ~ 19:00

Regular holidays etc.

Year end-new year period




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Sakai Station Tourist Information Center

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