NPO Sakai Kango Cruise

Tour the historic city of Sakai from the water.

Sakai has developed as a municipality and city of trade from the middle-ages to modern times. At the time, large scale moats (canals) threaded through the city and its vicinity, protecting from outside invasion and allowing for the transport of materials. Sakai Kango Cruise is a 7km cruise that takes a leisurely tour on a small boat around part of the remaining moats of Sakai. Starting from in front of Sakai Station, the tour passes through the residential area and along the verdant greenery of Xavier Park, before heading toward the liberating old Sakai port. You can enjoy richly varying scenery, including 16 unique bridges, the Ryujo statue in the old port, and the old lighthouse.

Sakai T-shirts
These shirts feature the Japanese character for “Sakai,” as written by master calligrapher Hotei Nagata, and an English explanation of the meaning.
They won a prize in the “Visit Japan Campaign: Appealing Japanese Souvenirs Contest 2010”.

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[Retailer] Sakai Higashi Tourist Information Center
・Telephone: +81-72-238-7174
・Address: Hakuai Building, 2-3-24 Nakakawaramachi, Sakai-ku, Sakai shi (Walk for 2 minutes from "Sakai Station" on the Nankai Main Line)
・Closed: End of year period / Opening hours: 9:00 - 19:00
・Parking: None


1-4-8 Sakaebashicho, Sakai-ku, Sakai shi


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NPO Sakai Kango Cruise

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